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Developing a Horizon 2020 proposal is a tough challenge as there are various important aspects to consider during consortium forming, proposal writing and proposal submission. One of the most important of all is however the One Page Proposal and the Abstract(Executive Summary) as these two documents represent the basis on which the coordinator relies during proposal development. These documents are important tools in structuring own ideas and finding the right project partners. Further on the abstract is vital as it allows evaluators to understand and position your proposal.
We provide you the opportunity to build your Horizon 2020 One Page Proposal(OPP) online on our website free of charge.


  • You get access to our online easy to use standard template for Horizon 2020 OPP  
  • Your OPP will be validated by our experts
  • Your OPP will be visible on our website in the FIND A PROPOSAL section
  • You can disseminate your OPP online, share it and find the right partners for your proposal
  • It is totally free


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  • If everything checks out your OPP will be visible on our website in the FIND A PROPOSAL section
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