Proposal Development


When preparing a proposal for a collaborative research project there are a number of activities, besides the technical ones, that require quite a considerable amount of time and resources.


Why not let us worry about the proposal writing so that you can concentrate only on the technical aspects. We can gather and coordinate inputs from partners related to the technical parts (work packages), the administrative and financial parts, the project impact description, and comply with all the procedures specified in the project call. Also the proposal coordination requires a good knowledge of the various tips and tricks necessary in order to increase the chances of the proposal.



  • Setting up of the consortium by finding the best partners for your proposal through our network of partners.

  • Budget allocation: allocating man months to the WPs, negotiation between partners regarding budget allocation, compliance with budgetary requirements.

  • Full proposal writing. We can gather and put together inputs from partners, and thus write the full proposal taking into consideration and matching all the required parts. 

  • Proofreading and crosschecking of the proposal by experienced experts who can provide valuable feedback before submission.

  • Full assistance for the administrative part of the proposal.



We start from your innovation ideea and find you the suitable complementary partners and then help you all the way through the proposal writting and submission process.

Also we can build your company profile and promote your competencies in proposals that fit your innovation strategy.


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