Project Management

European collaborative projects involving several partners from different countries use a lot of resources and require particular skills and expertise. Whether you are a coordinator of a project or a participant the amount of work required to implement the project is tremendous and requires good coordination and monitoring of results.

Through our project implementation services you can get rid of the administrative and financial burden allowing us to manage those aspects and you can concentrate of the technical issues. 



Regarding the Project Management of the European funded projects we can be in charge of the following activities:

Administrative project coordination

  • Ensuring day-to-day management of the project 
  • Gathering of all partners’ inputs and preparation of project reviews and the Final Project Report 
  • Document production (including deliverables, DoW, Consortium Agreement and contractual periodic reporting) and logistics support for efficient project internal information exchange 
  • Organisation of periodic meetings, including logistics, agendas, presentations and minutes 
  • Consolidation of inputs for the generation and update of the project handbook deliverable 
  • Ensure consensus management and information circulation among the partners 
  • Ensure project reporting and interface with the European Commission Project Officer 
  • Management of an internal website (intranet) 
  • Negotiation of any necessary changes to the CA during the project 
  • Make sure that legal issues, patents and IPR are handled according to the contract and CA 


Coordination of financial issues 

  • establishing and maintaining financial records;
  • following-up of EC payments; 
  • assisting the Coordinator to distribute partner shares according to Consortium Agreement agreed rules and providing financial helpdesk services 
  • Periodic preparation of financial reports 
  • Consolidation and analysis of financial data on a six-monthly basis to ensure proper use of resources
  • Easing the processing of audit certificates whenever relevant 
  • Notification to the partners of due dates for financial reporting, providing support for the completion of the yearly financial reports, statements and related certificates and collection of documents for submission to the EC services 
  • Implementation of templates for time and cost reporting adapted to the project



Our experts will works closely with you in order to help you manage the research and innovation project either by subcontracting or any other form of accepted collaboration.



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