Exploitation & Dissemination

Dissemination is related to making the results / products of a project visible to others, specially the end-users, the target groups and the key-actors that can implement its use.
Dissemination is the process of promotion and awareness raising that should occur throughout the project. This process should be planned and organised in the beginning of the project through a methodological document (e.g. Dissemination Strategy) that orientates the whole consortium. We can be in charge of the Dissemination Strategy that should be carefully considered all along project duration and assure project's sustainability after its end.

Exploitation is associated with the use of the project’s results at different levels, during and after the implementation of the project. It is related with the necessary action that will bring visibility to the project in order to involve the target groups, end-users, stakeholders and transfer the results/products into their professionals’ scope.
Exploitation is mostly related to the idea of convincing the key actors to use the main products of a project and is closely associated with the sustainability of the project after its conclusion. We can be in charge of drafting the Exploitation Plan in order to bring the product to the market.



Regarding the exploitation and dissemination of project results we can be in charge with the following activities and documents: 

  • Dissemination and exploitation plans 
  • On-line dissemination strategies
  • Web page construction and management
  • Event planning
  • Marketing plans
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Market analysis
  • Segmentation
  • Competitors
  • Financial Plan


As a consortium partner Horizon Consulting Network can be in charge of the exploitation/dissemination /business model. Also due to our extensive network of partners we can provide assistance to the coordinator in various fields during proposal preparation and project implementation.

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