Horizon 2020 increased the importance of communication in research and innovation projects:

  • Communication plan and work package in the proposal and the grant agreement (GA article 38.1)
  • Promote your project and its results beyond the projects own community
  • Communicate your research in a way that is understood by non-specialist, e.g. the media and the public
  • Inform us in advance of communication activities expected to have a major media impact
Communication ≠ Dissemination
  • Dissemination (GA article 29) is a separate obligation (e.g. through scientific articles and conferences)

Good communication attributes:

  • starts at the outset of the action and continues throughout its entire lifetime
  • is strategically planned
  • identifies and sets clear communication objectives
  • is targeted and adapted to audiences that go beyond the project’s own community
  • chooses pertinent messages
  • uses the right medium and means
  • is proportionate to the scale of the action


Regarding the communication of project results we can be in charge with the drafting and implementation of the communication plan.




As a consortium partner Horizon Consulting Network can be in charge of the communication activities. Also due to our extensive network of partners we can provide assistance to the coordinator in various fields during proposal preparation and project implementation.


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