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Horizon Consulting Network objective is to provide exclusive advice, information and tools to companies in order to help them shape their R&D efforts, participate in the EU R&D Projects and finance their research and innovative ideas.

In order to cover the entire participation process to Horizon 2020 we have split the required actions to apply for EU research funding into 5 strategical and interrelated sections: 

Stage 1: Drafting the innovation strategy 

  • Annalysing the current R&D portfolio
  • Identification of key competences and innovative solutions
  • Positioning of R&D objectives versus the three pillars of Horizon 2020(excellent science, industrial leadership and societal challenges)
  • Creation of mechanisms and internal working procedures

Stage 2: Partnerships creation

  • Identification of complementary strategical partners (cross-domain, value chain)
  • Initiation/participation within regional smart specialisation initiatives (clusters, PPP)
  • Creation of mechanisms in order to bring to market the research results

Stage 3: Participation in proposals

  • Projects initiation
  • Proactive participation to networking and brokerage events
  • Consortium building
  • Drafting of project proposals

Stage 4: Projects implementation

  • Administrative projct coordination
  • Technical project coordination 
  • Financial monitoring

Stage 5: Results exploitation

  • Drafting the exploitation plan
  • IPR Management

Our services complement and provide for each of the above mentioned strategical stages helping you deliver your innovative ideas and products to the market.

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